Worktop Options

We supply a range of different worktop materials; you can choose from wood, laminate, granite, quartz or Corian to complete your kitchen. The different surfaces have different properties and benefits and also vary in price.

Solid Wood Worktops

Wood worktops provide a solid, natural surface within which any sink type can be fitted. They pair well with any style of door. People often shy away from wood from a care point of view, but with the correct treatment process before use, wood can be very hardy and low maintenance.

    Granite Worktops

    Granite is a natural rock which is then cut and polished. It is a very strong material, which is difficult to scratch and is generally resistant to temperature changes. Granite provides less colour options than quartz and there may be some variation from samples, due to the fact that each piece is mined individually. As with solid wood and quartz, any sink option can be used.

      Laminate Worktops

      Laminate is available in just about any colour imaginable and a variety of finishes. It is often a good choice where a strict budget is in play and where durability is important. When choosing sinks to pair with laminate worktops, please note that they must be inset and not undermount.

        Quartz worktops

        Quartz worktops are manmade and are fabricated by combining quartz crystals with a polymer to glue them together. Our quartz is made up of 93% quartz and 7% polymer, which means that it is very hard wearing and non-porous. It also has anti-bacterial properties and is stain resistant. Quartz is available in a wide range of colour options and is a good partner for any door style. As with solid wood and granite, any sink style can be used.

          Corian Worktops

          Corian is a manmade solid surface, created by combining acrylic polymer with natural minerals (in the simplest terms). It is non-porous, stain resistant, relatively heat resistant and is thermoform-able, which means that it can be moulded to create almost any shape.